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Military SET 1QT Coyote CANTEEN Desert Tan COVER, Stainless Steel CUP, STOVE NEW
Military SET 1QT Coyote CANTEEN Desert Tan COVER, Stainless Steel CUP, STOVE NEW
Military SET 1QT Coyote CANTEEN Desert Tan COVER, Stainless Steel CUP, STOVE NEW
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  • QTY (1) 1QT Canteen Coyote BRAND NEW
  • QTY (1) 1QT Canteen Cover Desert Tan BRAND NEW
  • QTY (1) Stainless Steel Butterfly Handle Canteen Cup BRAND NEW
  • QTY (1) Military Type Stand / Stove BRAND NEW

Made in USA with US stamp on bottom.  Canteen has a 1 QT capacity and is issued by the U.S. ARMY. Made of hardened plastic with a screw on top and made to last a lifetime. This canteen can be worn on a Load Carrying Pistol Belt (NOT INCLUDED) or any Belt with the 2 metal attaching Alice Clips on the back of the case.


Canteen Cup is designed to fit on the 1 QT Military Issue Canteen, this Canteen Cup is Current Issue to U.S. Military Troops.  Great for hikers and campers who need to pack light but need multiple purpose gear.

This Stainless Steel Canteen Cup slides over the Bottom of your Canteen and Nestles Inside your Canteen Cover, allowing you to Carry a Convenient Cook Pot without taking any additional space in your kit.

Ideal for a hot cop of coffee or tea on a brisk morning or a cup of hot chocolate or warm soup on a cold afternoon in the field. The folding butterfly handles are designed to be used over an open fire, the included GI stove, or a backpacking stove.

 You can drink beverages from these, cook your rations in them, burn heat tabs in them for a small compact heater, use them for radio reception boost, early warning rattle devices, dig a foxhole, you can even use them for weapons in hand to hand combat, however I recommend the most common use of mixing water, coffee and cocoa over heat for a nice Hot Mocha or heating a nice Hot can of soup.

Another common use is simply a collector's item, but either way, you just can't beat a beverage container, sauce pan, heater, antenna booster, alarm, shovel, Stainless Knuckles, Soup pot of a collectors item for these prices.  Heat sources, Fluids, rations, radio, coffee , cocoa and soup not included.


Made of aluminum and made to military spec, this canteen stand/stove will slide under the canteen cup.  Every Canteen set you have should have one.


Genuine US Military Issue, Made in USA and Brand New/Unissued Condition.   This 1 Quart Canteen Cover will Hold a One Quart Canteen and Metal Cup.
Attaches to web belts, packs or a regular belt with Alice Clips or can also be fitted with a MOLLE adapter and attach to the MOLLE Gear. (Sold in our Store). The Nylon Case is Insulated and has 2 Brass Snap closures to resist corrosion and a small front pocket with Velcro closure to store water purification tablets or P-38 can opener. Canteen cover can be worn on the Load Carrying Pistol Belt or any Belt with the 2 INCLUDED Metal attaching Alice Clips on the back of the case.
  •     Condition: BRAND NEW CONDITION
  •     Color: COYOTE BROWN Canteen / DESERT TAN Canteen Cover
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