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PECKHAM Lightweight Wicking Cold Weather Pants Base Layer Size XL
PECKHAM  Lightweight Wicking Cold Weather Pants Base Layer Size XL
PECKHAM Lightweight Wicking Cold Weather Pants Base Layer Size XL
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NSN # 8415-01-415-5761

GENUINE US MILITARY 100% Polyester Wicking WINTER THERMAL Bottoms / Pants

This LWCW pants provides its user lighter weight base layer with wicking capability. The system provides environmental protection in temperatures from 0F to 50F when worn with standard clothing items; it also wicks moisture to the outer garment layers.

The drawers extend from the user's waist to a level below his/her ankles and end with elastic ankle cuffs. The ankle cuffs consist of double thickness of the basic material. The ankle cuffs have sufficient elasticity to prevent constriction of the blood flow to the feet. The waist band is made of an elastic hydrophobic, synthetic material. The drawers have a standard fly hole in the front.

The LWCWUS-Light Weight Cold Weather Underwear System is the current cold weather underwear provides excellent insulation in extreme cold weather, but is too warm in moderate cold conditions. Marines conducting strenuous activity would perspire heavily causing the underwear to lose its insulative qualities. The result was Marines suffering from hypothermia, dehydration and other cold weather injuries. The LWCWUS addresses the deficiencies of its predecessor Gen I Polypro. Primary function: Provide a moisture wicking, heat retentive, lightweight garment that keeps Marines dry and comfortable in a variety of environments.
The LWCWUS Light Weight Cold Weather Underwear System is a thin, quick drying, hydrophobic, moisture wicking synthetic garment set composed of long under-drawers and
zippered neck long undershirt.  It is launderable using standard
commercial or home equipment.
  •     Size: EXTRA LARGE
  •     Condition: NEW IN BAG
  •     Color: COYOTE TAN
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