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US Military Issue 1 Quart OD Hard Plastic Canteen w/ NBC Cap, Heavy Duty Fair
US Military Issue 1 Quart OD Hard Plastic Canteen w/ NBC Cap, Heavy Duty Fair
US Military Issue 1 Quart OD Hard Plastic Canteen w/ NBC Cap, Heavy Duty Fair
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This 1 Quart Canteen Cover will Hold a One Quart Canteen, Metal Cup and Aluminum Stove / Stand. Attaches to web belts, packs or a regular belt with Alice Clips or can also be fitted with a MOLLE adapter and attach to the MOLLE Gear. (Sold in our Store). The Nylon Case is Insulated and has 2 Brass Snap closures to resist corrosion and a small front pocket with Vel-cro closure to store water purification tablets or P-38 can opener. Canteen cover can be worn on the Load Carrying Pistol Belt or any Belt with the 2 INCLUDED Metal attaching Alice Clips on the back of the case.

This is the old Classic. Simply put water is a resource we cannot do without. The Genuine US Military 1 Quart Hard Rigid Plastic Canteen is perfect for ensuring a clean, potable water source is available. This canteen is constructed from durable BPA free plastic that does not leach chemicals and keeps your water tasting fresh. The Plastic Standard Flat Top Twist cap is secured to the canteen with a secure plastic strap to prevent you from dropping or losing your cap. Easy to fill / refill this canteen allows you to take one quart of water on your next outing. Get the Battle Tested Quality 1 Quart Hard Rigid Plastic Canteen for your next adventure. When you think Canteen this is usually what comes to mind. It's inexpensive, and Durable which is why they have stood the test of time. BPA Free. Made in the Good Ole U.S.A. Genuine US Military Issue 1 quart 3 piece rigid plastic canteen. Produced to Defense Logistics Agency specifications. Made of Durable Impact Resistant Plastic for carrying water or other beverages. Fits within the GI stainless steel cup and Stove/ Stand as an integral part of a compact cook kit. Don't be fooled by those who have what they call Genuine Style or Type GI Canteens which are usually Imports. Made of Rigid nearly crush proof Plastic these canteens can take a beating and keep on working. Includes NBC Screw on Cap that can be unscrewed like a regular lid but also has a valve in the top so you can drink using the rubber straw on a gas mask.
  • *** BPA Free ***
  • OD GREEN Plastic: Made Of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • NBC Screw on Cap
  • Features: Rigid, Single Wall Construction
  • Made In U.S.A.
  • Holds Any Type Of Liquid
  • Fits Into G.I. Style Canteen Covers
Item Condition
Fair / Acceptable
Our Bargain Priced Used Condition
Item will show signs of prolonged use.NBC cap may come without the dust cover as shown in the picture. IF dust cover is included, it may not be attached to the cap via the dust cover strap. These will hold water with or without the NBC dust cover.
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